Infinite Mho Oy

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(In My Humble Opinion, of course)

  • a limited company, Finnish business ID FI23090870
  • reachable at PO Box 280, FI-00811 HELSINKI, FINLAND, tel. +358-44-5000-600, email, LinkedIn. Please do note that all contact information here and in the Finnish Business Information System is valid and all cold calls for "updates" in registers nobody has heard of will be met rather curtly.
  • an information technology consultancy focusing on
    • UNIX/Linux environments (real UNIX admin experience on AIX, Sun/Solaris, SGI/IRIX, Digital/Compaq/HP Tru64 and HP-UX platforms going back to 1996; Red Hat Enterprise Linux up to 7, i.e. current)
    • deploying free software products (both the usual LAMP fare as well as more specialised applications such as Request Tracker, OpenAFS, Icinga)
    • networking technologies
    • storage technologies (SAN experience on HP, EMC, NetApp, IBM (incl. SVC), StorageTek, Brocade products; backup experience on EMC Legato NetWorker (10+ years head admin), Data Domain, Veritas Backup Exec, TSM)
  • an email deliverability consultancy with a pretty good view over the spam output of ESPs
  • a .FI domain registrar (verkkotunnusvälittäjä); as it is mandatory since 5 Sep 2016 to handle .FI domain registrations through one, we decided to be our own, and can be yours too
  • a (very small) Web hosting operator (own hardware, in facilities provided by JMJping Oy)
  • run by a qualified engineer with 20+ years of professional system administration experience

  • dedicated to, as the name suggests, removing resistance, that is, obstacles between the customer and whatever they want to accomplish

  • a staunch opponent of unsolicited bulk/commercial email - and will report all those who try to sell us anything via UCE
  • an avid proponent of "advertiser pays for their advertising"
  • and a member of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises
  • at present one employee, the owner/proprietor
  • collaborators who do things we don't; get in touch!
  • a physical office that you could visit