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List of UBE/UCE seen at Infinite Mho

Some background is in order...

  1. Infinite Mho Oy reports all unsolicited bulk/commercial email to its collaborators, both domestic and foreign, and to the Internet service provider of the advertiser.
  2. The list below is not a blocklist.
  3. The list below represents facts only, verified at the time said email was received.
  4. Infinite Mho Oy acknowledges that under current Finnish legislation, B2B UCE is legally allowed, and UBE with no commercial intent is not even discussed. That does not mean they do not clog mailboxes just the same as illegal UCE (to private persons), and that does not mean it is not spam, and that does not mean it should not be reported as such.

Anybody sent here would do well to read A Vote for Commerce as well as the mailing list primer.

The following is a list of companies that have sent unsolicited bulk and/or commercial email to the email address Infinite Mho Oy has registered in the Finnish Business Information System or published on its own web site as a means of contact. (Or to invented email addresses at the domain.) Entries will not be removed from this list because that would make it no longer factual. This list will only be amended as new advertisements come in. Corrections can be made (for example, if it turns out that a domain name involved in UCE does in fact belong to a business rather than a private individual, the private individual's name can be omitted from the list).

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Got bored

In the meantime, Suomispam DNSBL has started operations and is doing a nice job of keeping Finnish spam out of our mail server.